Dead Bees: A Mystery in NEA


By Mercedes Hernandez (Production Editor)

Scores of dead bees were found at the end of the hall, next to room 229 in Northeast Academic Hall on Wednesday morning.

Communications Division Department Chair Ann Warren and Math Department Chair Farah Saddigh noticed the problem at approximately 9 a.m.
Custodian Mike Revilla arrived at the scene around 10:30 and discovered the back window was filled with dead bees, which he removed. No live bees around the area were seen.
Revilla and another custodian checked the halls for bees and bee hives, but none were found. It is unclear how the bees got into the building.
Student Jessica Ferraha, who had two classes in the NEA building, said she did not notice the bees in the hall. Ferraha said she felt safe from the bees on campus, despite the dead bees incident. She has also praised the custodial staff handling the dead bees “Custodial [Staff] does a great job.” 



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