OP-ED: Enrollment drop brings noticeable change to campus

By Jacqueline Carbajal, Journalism 101
This fall semester there has been one noticeable change in the campus environment. The number of students attending class on campus has seemingly dropped. In an email to staff, school President Otto Lee confirms that enrollment is down seven percent from fall 2015. The hallways of the North East Academic Hall have been less crowded as of late. Kyle Marshall, a student who has attended both the Compton campus and Fresno State, says “The campus is so empty during the second week of classes compared to other schools.”

During the registration period there has been the usual scramble for classes, yet when open classes were listed the last week of registration, there were as many as 20 available spaces left in many classes. This is a change from last semester and even from previous years. In past semesters the number of these available spaces was extremely small, especially in the days leading up to the start of the semester.

This year, there are more openings and chances to add. Freshman Jesenia Alvarado says “Students have a greater chance to get into a class this semester.” It may be a good opportunity for students who wish to add a class they previously could not but it puts forth the question of student registration and enrollment. In addition to more spaces available in several English and History classes there have also been more students adding last minute classes with add on slips. In previous semesters add on slips were scarcely given.

Although parking is almost similar to previous semesters, it is certainly not as crowded as it once was. With all these observations the fact is that there are several factors as to why this semester enrollment could be down and several opportunities for improvement. President Lee ends his email to staff with an optimistic goal of reaching a two percent enrollment increase for future semesters.


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