SCC elevator back in operation

By Mercedes Hernandez, Staff Writer

The elevator at the northeast end of the Science Complex was finally repaired Wednesday afternoon after being closed Sept. 21 when it failed to pass a Cal-OSHA inspection.

It was recommended by the Cal-OSHA inspector that the elevator be closed until a new earthquake guide was installed.

Thomas Jones, General Foreman for Los Angeles Harbor College, originally said the elevator would be fixed in “a reasonable time.” He confirmed it was back in operation with an email to campus.

The part that was in question was “proprietary part.” Jones said in an email that Schindler Elevator Corporation was awarded the service contract for the part and repair.

The elevator is one of the two elevators located in the Science Complex, and it is the only elevator that goes to the third floor.

Julie LeBoeuf , 25, radiology, is currently taking three classes and has classes on every floor in the SCS building. She is also a Type One diabetic with an insulin pump. She also has Fibromyalgia. She said it is a huge inconvenience without the elevator and that it puts a damper on her studies.

The earthquake guide is designed to keep the elevator steady. Cal-OSHA did not recommend for the elevator to remain in service to ensure safety for all students and staff.

“We do try our best to keep this place going,” Jones said.

Another elevator is located on the other side of the building toward the student parking lot, but  it only goes to the second floor, forcing students like LeBoeuf to walk up to level three.


This story has been updated with corrected information from its original publication date.



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