Rich Latino Culture and Heritage


Story by Melissa Amezcua (Staff Writer)

Photos courtesy Joseph Chicas

The Latino Heritage L.A. partnered for the second year in a row with the United Wilmington Youth Foundation to bring the Latino L.A. Festival last Saturday located at the Wilmington Waterfront Park. The goal of this event “bring culture enrichment to community programs” says the Latino Heritage main coordinator Janeth Zavala. The Latino Heritage L.A. goal is to showcase the rich and family oriented culture Latinos bring to the community. Other services offered for this community at the event were voter registration and legal representation.


Classic cars shining in the sunlight alongside lowriders and bikes while oldies music played in the background and people gathered admiring their beauty and feeling the atmosphere. Vendors and food trucks to the left and to right that led to the stage where children performed a traditional Ballet Folklorico. Families sat on the grass clapping and encouraging the young ones dancing. The evening ended with couples dancing in the grass to salsa music.

Villam Garcia, 26 a Agua Lucha representative was one of the vendors at the festival offering an alternate beverage. Agua Lucha is a minority owned business based out in L.A. providing a healthy natural beverage compared to other Mexican favorite beverages. Appealing to the health conscious while being relevant to present generations. Breaking the social norm when it comes to these beverages.


The UWYF motto is Commitment to progress and unity in our community. The foundation emphasizes a focus on education for the youth in the community. Creating alternatives and positive changes for the youth such as with scholarships for education and political empowerment providing platforms to interact with politicians. Robert Trani,50, president of UWYF, wanted to bring both sides of the Wilmington gangs together and bring social awareness and social equity. “Once the problem, now providing the solution” says Robert Trani.



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