Eleven new instructors are welcomed at Los Angeles Harbor College

By Mercedes Hernandez

Los Angeles Harbor College has hired eleven new instructors this Fall semester. New chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez has pushed for new instructors district wide in order to get to the new mandate 75% full time instructors and 25% part time . Over 200 new instructors will be joining the Los angeles community district.


Los Angeles Harbor College’s new instructors Eleven of the new instructors all come from different work backgrounds. Some are returning to LAHC to teach . Others will be joining the seahawk family not only as instructors but as advisors, leaders and build connections with students. If you would like to learn more about your new instructors please keep reading below.  

Aster Abraha

Aster Abraha, Child Development Center. She worked in the Child Development department in Cal State Los Angeles where she also graduated from Her quote to go by is “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever,” is a favorite quote from Mahatma Gandhi.

Marc Alivillar

Marc Alivillar, 47, Kinesiology department. He has attended Los Angeles Harbor College , Eastern Oregon University, Cal State Dominguez Hills, and  Azusa Pacific University.  He has worked at El Camino and East Los Angeles College. His favorite quote is “If you’re not preparing, your preparing to fail.” He was named Coach of the year 2007 by the california community college association.

Mary Copeland

Mary Copeland, Humanities and Film department. Attended Los Angeles Harbor College, University of California Los Angeles, and Mt. St. Mary’s University. “I always said that I would come back here to teach, when I was working here and going to school here.” said Copelan “And I am delighted and proud to be back”. .She has previously worked at Cal State Dominguez Hills, ITT, and Los Angeles Valley College. She has now returned to teach at LAHC.

John Paul Joson

John Paul Joson,35,Nursing department. Joson’s favorite saying is “Work smarter not harder.” He attended Santa Ana College, Santiago Canyon college , Cal State Fullerton, and Mount Saint Mary’s University. Joson’s has work experience from various medical centers including Hoag s California , UCI, and  St. Francis Medical Center.

Jonathan Klyng

Jonathan Klyng, Philosophy department. Klyng graduated from UCLA, Cal State Los Angeles, and Pierce College. He has taught as an adjunct instructor in Pierce College. His number one goal is to positively influence the lives of his students, and to eat the perfect instant ramen. His favorite quote is “The acclaimed life is not worth living.”

Paul McLeod

Paul McLeod, 62, Journalism department. McLeod attended Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach. He has held journalism adviser positions at Los Angeles Harbor, Saddleback ,and Mt. San Antonio College. He also taught at Pierce College in 2012. Prior to teaching, he was a reporter/ sports writer for the Los Angeles Times for 20 years. He was named “Educator of the Year “ in 2009 by the California Journalism Education Coalition. His favorite quote is , ”When in doubt, put a period on it and start a new sentence.”


Joelle Mendoza

Joelle Mendoza, Communications department. Mendoza graduated from the University of California, Riverside. She has worked at Cal State LA, University of California,  Riverside, and Los Angeles City College. Her favorite quote is “When a person cannot choose, a person ceases to be human.”  

Lizette, Lopez

Lizette, Lopez, Child Development Center. Lopez attended Los Angeles City College and Cal State Northridge. She was named instructor “Who Goes Above and Beyond” at Los Angeles Valley College where she previously worked. Her other places of employment include Los Angeles Trade Tech, LA Valley College, and Antelope Valley College. She hopes to publish bilingual books for children. Among her other goals, she would also like to  open a nonprofit organization to assist low income families to take up on healthy lifestyles.

Christian Lozada

Christian Lozada, English Department. Lozada has attended Orange Coast College and California State University, Long Beach. His favorite quote is, “Hell may be hot now, but it will be cool when I get there”. He previously worked at Cal State Long Beach, Santa Monica College, LA Southwest, and currently at Los Angeles Harbor College.

Kathleen Rosales

Kathleen Rosales, Nursing department. Rosales is a Mount St Mary’s University graduate and she has worked at El Camino College. She describes herself as a “millennial mom”, and her favorite saying is “ If you not at the table, then you’ll be on the menu.”  

Jennifer Triplett

Jennifer Triplett, English department. Triplett graduated from Modesto Junior College, UC Santa Barbara, CSU Dominguez Hills, and Pepperdine University. She has taught at multiple colleges from LA Mission College, El Camino College, and at the El Camino College Compton Center. Her favorite quote is, “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coello, The Alchemist.



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