By Jassonn Williams, Journalism 101

Giant meteor! That’s who I wanted to win. Sure the earth would be taken out. Maybe there would have been another partial ice age and from it a new Egypt or something that would replace the wreckage of Democracy. Maybe it would be like the Land of the Lost and we’d be like Enoch fighting off the slestack! I wouldn’t care. Clinton versus Trump could not end fast enough for me. I followed the election all day last Tuesday on ABC and NBC and the bile rose. I was sick and didn’t care much who won. Well that’s not true. I wanted Clinton to win but only because Trump was such a turd.

I never liked Hillary Clinton. I grew to like Bill but Hillary just made me sick. She repped everything I hated. She was a Goldwater Republican who married an up and coming Democrat. She still was a war hawk. She was ruthless! She was smart. She had double the drive and triple the ambition of most corporate titans. She was not attractive to me as a Woman. All the Women I’d seen who were like her I disliked just as much; Gloria Steinham, Gloria Allred. Women who didn’t necessarily hate men but they didn’t need them either. She came across as insincere no matter how hard she fought for even the most noble of causes. She was the classic stereotype liberal. That White girl who takes up a collection for the starving kids in Afrika and ignores the ones here at home.
That said, I still knew she was more than qualified to run the country. The Republicans ran on what they always have run on. Low taxes for the rich, less regulation, and an end to the social safety net while trumping on a bible and praising White Jesus. I watched as Americans were sickened by their lack of imagination, their simple minded hate and the re espousing of a bankrupt economic theory.

So why did Americans take to Trump the chump? Catchy soundbites and like a huge, disgusting pimple he rose from the slime of the Republicans themselves. He synthesized all their doctrines into a catchy, neatly wrapped, toxic sandwich. He railed against the elite even though he and the duck dynasty dudes were all rich, white elite billionaires who made themselves acceptable to Jim and Joe bob. He spoke their language. Just cause he helped to keep them in their sad conditions didn’t mean he didn’t understand their condition. They were poor. They were obsolete. Nothing they did ever lifted them up. They did everything they were told to do. They allowed big business to pay low, pollute, they kept their guns. The cut education, forwent health care and they praised Jesus and joined the armed forces. Still they were poor. They watched as big business hired those who would work even cheaper. Trump understood them. He pointed the blame at Muslims, Mexicans and the trade deals that allowed him and his buddies to get even richer on their backs.

What sickened me most was the lack of investigation. The lack of real journalism. Trump has been a racist for over 45 years and anyone with a computer can prove it. He got rich off housing pacts that restricted minorities from being able to rent and buy. He railed against the Central Park five. And when they were declared innocent he still said they were guilty. His cabinet has White Supremacists in it. Not even Reagan had that in the open. No, our journalists failed us. They cowered as if they were afraid to ask the real questions. 46% of the Americans didn’t vote and still there are no follow up stories on that. 46 %! The country is better than it was in 2000 and in 2008 but there is no real investigation as to why so many Americans feel that they are not doing better. No real solutions offered. No triage. No autopsy. Just the stinking body of democracy taken over by a charlatan and backed by money and a lench mob.
Sources: CNN, NBC and ABC


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