Sacred Grounds: Coffee, Poetry, and Community

By Jocelyn Moguel (Editor in Chief)

Los Angeles Harbor College’s English department hosted their open mic night on October 11th and 13th for students, faculty, and the general public to attend. Over 125 people attended both dates. 50 students from numerous English classes in Los Angeles Harbor College went up to speak their original poems, short stories, and haikus. Students also had the option to recite a poem from their favorite poet such as Rupi Kaur, Robert Frost, and even Tupac Shakur. “Sacred Grounds has been hosting the open mic nights for Los Angeles Harbor College for more than 13 years. This was an opportunity for the community to provide a space for us after all these years.” stated English professor Ann Warren. The overall energy that students, staff, and patrons providing were enough to get rid of the nervousness so that the students can go up on stage. The poetry night was even an opportunity for English professors to provide extra credit for students that were going and presenting a poem. English professor Kent Stoddart even had an opportunity for his Creative Writing class as an assignment for the class. “For my English 101/102 students it was an extra credit opportunity where they can recite their favorite poem or their original work. Where as the Creative Writing class [English 127], they have to go to Sacred Grounds and recite their own original work.” said Stoddart. Numerous students were providing each other support and motivation so they can go up and be inspired by the poems they were reading. The night had haikus, original songs, and even original sonnets being produced by a student. Overall, both nights were an opportunity for students to get credit for their assignments. Expressing themselves by creating an original poem for everyone to hear. Faculty and students bonding about their favorite poets. Both nights were proven to be a success each single year. If you missed out this semester, don’t worry. The English department plans to host it again at Sacred Grounds in Spring 2017! Dates are TBA in the spring semester.


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