The Mystery Of The Fall 2016 Stickers

By Jocelyn Moguel

On September 16th, ASO quietly announced the release of the new fall stickers after more than a month delay since the Fall 2016 semester started on August 26th. The Harbor Tides went out to investigate the fall stickers and why they were not released a month after the semester had started. Harbor Tides went to the ASO office in the Seahawk center to talk to Jose Luna and Gary Gonzales about the stickers. “We were in this [ASO] office when we requested the stickers in June [2016]” states Gonzales. During the summer, Los Angeles Harbor College was getting a new Vice President of Student Affairs, Luis Dorado. Luis Dorado was in training for the Fall 2016 semester as the new Vice President of Student Affairs. Dorado offered a statement about the reason why the Fall 2016 stickers were delayed. “I signed off the papers so that ASO can get the orders for the stickers. It was delayed since I was transitioning from Los Angeles Trade Tech College to Los Angeles Harbor College for about a month.” Due to the delay of the Fall 2016 stickers due to Dr. Dorado’s transition period over the summer. ASO did not receive the stickers until the middle of September. Dr. Dorado explained to The Harbor Tides about the ordering process of the stickers was also the cause of the delay for ASO. Despite the delay during Dr. Dorado’s transition, ASO has been giving out the stickers for anyone who needs it. As for any delay of the stickers for Spring 2017: You will have to go directly to the ASO office in the Seahawk center to receive your Spring 2017 sticker.


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