Men’s Issues

By: Salina Garcia, Staff Writer

For an interesting discussion,  Men’s Issue Presentation will take place Thursday, March 16, 2017  in the technology building, room: 110 from 1:00-2:00P.M.

“ Tectonic shifts in our culture have had a big impact on the roles men play in society and even the very definition of masculinity. Come to this workshop for an honest conversation about what is changing, why and how best to respond. What is lost? What is gained? Where to go from here?”  – Travon Johnson (LAHC Life Skill Intern)

This past year Feminism has had a strong support around the world. With the praising and marching for equality, men have felt under appreciated and neglected with their own issues. Travis Johnson, Life Skill Center Intern will be discussing and issues on issues for men in this era.

A few men around campus were confident to share their dissimilar opinions in this “tectonic” presentation for tomorrow:

“ A lot of men such as myself keep their emotions and problems to themselves . We’re men its what we do, we all power through it. We have a lot of expectations and it is stressful sometimes lonely”. Explains Seahawk own student football athlete, London Ricks.


Picture above: London Ricks, studying in Champs Room. Photo by: Salina Garcia, Staff Writer

According to Brandon Escadon, Kinesiology major, he doesn’t mind.  “Personally I think the shift towards gender equality makes men’s lives easier to live up to rather than traditionally masculine roles. People are starting to feel like they can express themselves in whichever way they want and actually be themselves rather than trying to be a man.” Escadon, is finishing Harbor this spring and will continue his education in Kinesiology for Physical Therapy at California State University of Long Beach this Fall 2017.

Life Skills Hours of Operations:

Appointments can be made any time between 8:00AM-8:00PM Monday through Thursday; and 8:00AM -2:00PM Friday.Walk-in hour, no appointment necessary (Cafe 110, The Health Center)


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