Blog: What are YOU doing for Spring Break? Journalism 101

Journalism 101 Student

Michael Cote

Harbor College is a school that serves around 10000 students each year, and as I found out today while interviewing just a few of them, we’re a diverse group—students and faculty. With spring break just around the corner, I decided to ask a few of them what they planned to do with their week off. The answers were as diverse as the students giving them: school events, art shows, working, studying, spending time with family. Let’s see what they had to say!



Simone, who I caught in front of the Technology Building fresh out of her yoga class, said she has plans to head south to San Diego with her girlfriends during her spring break. Simone is a 24-year-old student, majoring in nursing.

jack McNulty

Jack McNulty, a twenty-year-old sophomore, and avid skateboarder, had this to say:

“I’m rolling to New York with my friend, who got invited to participate in an Art Show. Yeah, he makes dope-ass art, copped us two tickets real quick. Anyways, the city should be amazing. I can’t wait to skate all the cool spots.” Follow him at @namingnames to check out his NY cruising.


Lovrina CastilloAt the Transfer Center I ran into Lovrina Castillo, part of the awesome staff that works there. When I asked what her vacation plans were, she chuckled:

“Unfortunately, this year I’m doing grad school, so yeah, I have no vacation plans to speak of.”

“But,” she added, rather cheerfully, “I have disneyland plans for the next week, so that should be fun”. Lovrina graduated with a major in communications at Fullerton, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in counseling at Dominguez Hills.


Ms. Shoreh, one of our harbor college librarians, also works full-time at UCLA’s library. This means that she too, will not have a break. “Plus,” she says “even if our schools’ vacation dates matched up, the libraries at UCLA never close, especially the medical one, since academics use these to carry out valuable research.”

Shontella Deney-2

Shontella Deney is headed to Chico Day next week. She explained—“It’s this event they throw every year for admitted students, so I’m obviously very excited.” Shontella is attending CSU Chico the coming Fall Semester, and will be gone four days to enjoy the festivities. She is pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice.


The last member of our campus I spoke with was Ms. Veronica, who is responsible for keeping
a steady supply of food coming out of the taco truck in order to feed all of our hungry students. She said she currently has no plans for the break, but might go to Fresno to visit her family, who owns an orange grove there.veronica

“When school is in session,” said Ms. Veronica, “we put in 14 hour days. We set up here at 7 a.m. and don’t leave until about 7 p.m.

So, while we have the option of running the truck during the break, we never really do, because this is the week that we get to relax and spend time with family, which I think is very important.”


As always, if you go out partying, or travel away from home to attend events, remember to keep your wits about you. And if you are one of the dedicated students studying over the break, all that hard work will pay off eventually. There will be time for bigger, better vacations later on. So, fellow Seahawks, without further ado, stay safe and have an awesome spring break!


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