Campus run Friday to benefit disabled students

Editors Note: The hard copy of the Harbor Tides listed this event as taking place Tuesday.

By Luis Fajardo, Staff Writer

Buddy-2-Buddy is hosting a campus run Friday (April 28) on the Los Angeles Harbor College campus at 10 a.m. to fund-raise money for students with documented disabilities in order to provide them with book grants.
The registration fee is $15 per person.Participants are invited to walk. This event is open to the public. The Campus Run will start at 10 a.m. and end around 11 a.m. The run will begin in the parking lot north of the baseball stadium and runs through the campus.The finish line will be at the football stadium.
“.. college can be a huge change for most, so imagine how tough that change can be for a student with special needs?” said Business major and 20 year old club president of Buddy-2-Buddy, Cassandra Puentes,who decided to start the club on campus to make the transition of high school to college a much easier change for students with disabilities.Puentes has a personal connection with mental disabilities.Her sister is autistic. “It’s always been important to me to make sure that people that have a disability are being fully advocated. .” According to club advisor Steven Swaim, Buddy-2-Buddy is the second club on campus for students with disabilities. Abilities Unlimited was the name of the first club. “The Campus Run, I helped them set up initially, I got them referred to the right people so that they can get it for on campus and you know you have to talk to vice presidents and ministration and all that kind of stuff because they have to look at safety issues and stuff like that” said Swaim. “I looked at and discussed with them all of their material, advertising that goes out to the campus. I wanted to make sure that everything was real clear about what the requirements are and the deadlines and stuff like that… We have lots of applicants.”
The campus run will be Star Wars themed and Storm Trooper trophies will be provided by the Engineering club’s 3D printer. “I’ve always been a huge Star Wars fan!” puentes said. “I thought it would be fun to make sure to really make an experience out of this event.” she continued.
For more information on the Campus Run and Buddy-2-Buddy, contact Cassandra Puentes at or visit the Seahawk Center.


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