Campus Sheriffs back in headquarters after flood

Law enforcement for Los Angeles Harbor College spent the last couple of months working underneath a tent and inside an RV across from their actual department. The station was closed due to a flood .

“They had no choice.  “it was [un]inhabitable to work there due to flooding” said OfficersNick Guskos, Sheriff on site. Spring semester is more than halfway completed and the majority of the station is completed.

Guskos speculates the flood is from the drains passed outside the campus near Pacific Coast Highway.

According to students that have spoken out, they have been going to other restrooms around campus a few times this semester because of the flooding connected inside the NEA buildings.

Although cadets were getting fresh air underneath the tent near the RV, patrolling outside has not been the perfect weather for these cadets. According to Cadet Steven Espinoza, he disliked being outside.

“We’re all watching campus all day and all night,” he said. “It has been freezing, and one of the cadets caught bronchitis from being outside.”

Now that spring break is over, the officers are happy to enter back into their offices however, a few maintenance things need to be finished.

”Armory room is the main room that still smells like urine,” said Espinoza. “When the flood passed through it was impossible to work inside, the whole office smelled like urine, and the flood caused mold residue.

“A few rooms in the station are still shut and need to be finished because it still smells.” according to Guskos.

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