Graduation time June 2 set for 10 a.m. during finals week

By Luis Fajardo, Staff Writer

The Los Angeles Harbor College graduation date will remain the same on Friday June 2 during finals week, but the time graduation will be held has changed to 10 a.m. in order to allow graduates to spend more time with their families after graduation.
Graduation is important to every student because it’s the day that they celebrate their educational accomplishments. They want their families to enjoy that celebration with them. That is why graduation coordinator Mary Vargas has taken in consideration the problems graduating students and their families have had in the past with different graduation commencement times. According to Vargas, Harbor College’s graduation commencement time was held at 6 p.m. almost a decade ago. It was then changed to different times. Vargas said.“It moved to 4 o’clock, but then we had problems with mosquitos from the lake, so then we moved it to earlier [noon], but pretty much everybody was so hot.” Vargas then explained why it was changed to 10 a.m. “We moved it to 10 a.m. and a lot of people really liked that time because then it ends just as they can all go to lunch with their family.”
Students seem to be fine with graduation being in the morning. Mariah Olvera, 19, psychology, prefers to do things in the morning. “For me personally I like it and it fits better with my schedule” she said. Last month, LAHC Academic Senate President Susan McMurray, said it would be easier for families to attend graduation on a Friday rather than another weekday. “My family members, they can get the day off easily so for them it’s not that much of a trouble” said Olvera. Another student, Alexis Salcedo, 21, sociology said “Personally it works good for my schedule…it made it easy for my friends to get the day off to be able to join.”


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