LAHC students earn scholar awards, scholarship honors

Spring semester has turned into a triumph for many Los Angeles Harbor students .
Many students have received full scholarships,National Scholar recognitions, and acceptances to programs with The National Science Foundation. Some have reached for the stars and have landed in Nasa’s Community College Aerospace Scholars program.

Here are some of LAHC students have worked hard all semester:

Katia Ascencio, chemistry major, will be going to Kent State University through National Science Foundation funds Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students program for biochemistry research. She says “ I’m excited for the chance to improve my analytical skills, and to connect all the knowledge I will learn in the future”. Ascencio hopes to study engineering at UCLA in Fall 2018.The National Science Foundation funds Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students program. Undergrads have an opportunity to conduct research with faculty and other researchers in a professional setting. The research opportunities are all hosted in different universities across the country and the duration varies, along with the different research programs. Students have all expenses paid and will be paid between 4-6 thousand dollars during their internship.

Emily Caballero, biology major, will attend University of Notre Dame Summer Program to research cancer this summer through The National Science Foundation funds Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students program as well. Emily was in her biology class when she received an the email with her acceptance. “ I was mainly shocked and excited, but I also felt like a load fell off my chest. ” said caballero when asked how she felt when she found out she was accepted to the program.

Madeline (Maddy) Calixte, behavioral science major,has won the all-inclusive Presidential Scholarship from California State Dominguez Hills . Calixte has been an EOP worker for the past two years. Among her other accomplishments she had been recipient of the LA Harbor College Dean’s & President’s Honor List.She helped raise hundreds of dollars for student scholarships during her time in EOPS Club . After transferring to CSDH her goal is to receive a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Teze Harrison and Navi Ramirez have been selected by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America for the “scholar all- american recognition. Harrisson was recognized for having a 3.9 and Navi Ramirez for having a 3.8 cumulative grade point average throughout his educational career being a significant contributor to the seahawks and stating more than 50 percent of all games

Kelly del la Torre,19, has been excepted Summer Health Professions Education Program 2017 at UCLA. She will spend six weeks at UCLA attending workshops conducting research and examining a variety of healthcare issues in underserved communities. She will have the opportunity to work in a clinical setting and network with healthcare professionals. Del la Torre would like to pursue a career in the dentistry and help others in need. “One of my big dreams is to go to different countries in which the majority or a proportion of the population can not afford health. I would love to go and help by volunteering.”

Jeffrey Vickerman, 27, chemistry  has not only been accepted to The National Science Foundation funds Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students program, but to Nasa’s Community College Aerospace Scholars program as well. HE will be completing his program at NASA then heading off to USC where he will be conducting research and building connections with professionals in his field. “It was a huge relief to get accepted for both the NASA NCAS program, and the USC chemistry REU. It also felt like a lot of hard work paying off.” Vickerman continued”Having experienced faculty guide me in the right direction has been very beneficial.”


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