Lake Machado opening to make a splash early next month

By Salina Garcia, Staff Writer

Ken Malloy, Machado Lake Regional Park is ready to be open to the local community after three years of construction next month in Los Angeles Harbor College’s very own back yard park, according to Proposition-O team.

The project is supposed to improve water quality, according to reports.

“ I go visit Reggie at the Los Angeles Zoo once in a while,” said LAHC Environmental Science instructor, Brian Wade. Many students and faculty around the community know the infamous lake bringing the good, the bad, and the unusual memories such as the local six foot alligator that was dumped into the lake illegally by a San Pedro resident. Since then Reggie the Alligator peacefully lives in the LA Zoo,

Wade specifically covers The Human Environment: Biological Processes. “Two things that we cover in class is related to this Proposition; general sustainability in Bio diversity.” Wade said. He continues ,”When Reggie the alligator, the snakes and whatever went into that lake, it decreased the natural species and that’s an important element. Anything Prop O can do in the invasive species is going to help restore the natural species of the area and that’s good.”

According to Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project update: “ Construction is at approximately 91% complete. Work is complete on the fishing zones and piers. There will be bass and trout to fish, and the work on the Pedestrian bridges and Park Pathways is complete. Dam improvement work is taking place right now.”

Reconstruction began in March 2014, after the park unfortunately lost abandonment in getting properly cared for. Ten years before that in 2004, Los Angeles voters passed Proposition O, that authorizes City of Los Angeles to fund projects ( up to $500 million ) to maintain and clean pollution from regional waterways and ocean.

Prop O biggest project yet, the park is moving forward with meeting the requirements for Federal Clean Water Act Regulations. Another issue Wade discusses in his class “ How human maintains their water supply, and one of the things we talk about in general is making sure we have natural ways to clean the water and that’s what places Machado Lake and the Dominguez Channel are for.”

Furthermore, The Environmental Science Instructor smiled, pleased to hear the lake is opening once again. “The fact that they’re cleaning out the old polluted sediment that’s really good and they’re making it deeper so hopefully it would hold more water, and hopefully the city would maintain to clean it” says Wade.

In January Los Angeles Councilman for the 15th District Joe Buscaino, oversaw engineers work on “Machado Lake, Live Update.” Viewers can still watch the 30 minute tour and preview of the park on Youtube:

“Spring May 2017 the park should be ready,  We want to make sure all plants, lake, and park will be durable enough to handle the people”, confirmed  Kendrick Okundu, Bureau of Engineering and Prop O Implementation Program Manager as he confirms this to Buscaino in the video.

This has been a three year project for the Prop O team. During the video tour, BOE Okunda and his team assures the Councilman that the lake’s water quality is improved, as well as the vegetation and habitat.

“ Clean sand that will provide aquatic habitat” says Okundu. According to “The project includes in-lake improvements such a dredging approximately 239,000 cubic yards of lake sediments and capping the lake bottom with a bio-layer cap and oxygenation system.”

Being impressed throughout the experience during the tour video, Buscaino also notices the new mile marks on the park specifically for trail runners, and mentions with excitement “ LA Unified can host their Cross- Country meets here!” Along with Harbor College Cross Country team that can once again host their own meets at Machado Lake.

In addition students are pleased to hear about the regional park opening in their own back yard from campus.

LAHC student Alexandra Herrera, Biology  said: “ I feel like Harbor Lake re-opening would help provide a new reputation for it. A sort of second chance that would show my generation and future generations that its possible to give a once popular local park a second lease of life. Personally I’m looking forward to it.”

Harbor student Rudolpho Lopez, Criminal Justice,  admits he is “impressed by the cleaning and surrounding environment, and thinks it’s great that this natural habitat will finally reopen for the community to enjoy.”

To find out about the opening day, and more on Los Angeles Proposition O, visit:

Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project:


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