By: Salina Garcia, Staff Writer

Athisisthis is not misspelled, and yet it’s not a word in the dictionary, however it’s LA Harbor instructor Ron Linden, own humor pun for the name of the gallery. Featuring Zach Roach and Eric Johnson, one of the most creative artist that stand out from Southern California. Athisisthis just ended April 22 at LA Harbor Fine Arts Gallery. Now the curator Linden, is perfecting the up coming opening show May 3rd, featuring LA Harbor College art students for the local community to visit and intellectually think of the art just as much as the title.

According to Linden, The instructors have their students submit their greatest work. It not only showcase for the program but it’s a recruitment tool for the high schools. The student show will feature everything from drawing, painting, digital photography, digital design, two dimensional design, 3 dimensional design.

“It’s everything you could imagine so its like a pulparey. the gallery will have 100 work. It’s hard to organize but it will be a surprise.”

While Anthisisthis was being presented at Harbor, each master piece needed a lot of concentration to fully appreciate the quality on how each artist created they’re work.

“They are both quintessentially about the genres that they represent. And that being Eric Johnson minimalists, finish, fetish, which is in our movement, our California movement in which his work is associated with are eloquent, abstractions, and the craft is absolutely over the top, his acknowledge is one of the finest sculptures in Southern California, if not, the whole country.” says Linden


The San Pedro native is an artist that is deeply intrigued by the dimensions of his work and focuses on science, technology and mathematics. “I’ve seen his work, evolve over many years” Linden continues, “the woodnometers and other resen pieces are so intricate, and so beautiful.”

The Curator paired the gallery of Johnson’s formalist elegance with the inelegant pieces showcasing light and space along with Art informal of Zach Roach. Both artist pull out all the stops in their respective mediums.

Zach Roach, is a younger artist just a couple years out of his Masters in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design. Roach is an artist that creates many pieces in many ways. “He’s like a mad man, he does many different things” says Linden. Roach provided his primitive pieces displayed at LA Harbor Fine Art Gallery.


IMG_6233LA Harbor Art Exhibition opens tomorrow, and it will be the final show for the semester. Linden explains that each semester he displays at least 3 artists a year, and the end of the academic year the student show. “Theres a whole idea of the gallery, it’s not just for the community, its for the appreciation of art. To inform and inspire art students.”

Another surprise with no pun of a title yet, the flyer for the student show will soon be ready to display around the entire campus for the opening event. “Theres no way you can anticipate this one. If you knew what I called it, you’d blush. Linden smiles “It’s non known.”


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