Art gallery showcased LAHC student creations

By Salina Garcia, Staff Writer

Los Angeles Harbor College Art Department hosted its annual student art gallery from May 3-26. Each art instructor on campus showcased the best work from their gallery. The gallery showcases the creation of LAHC art students, exploring the mediums of ceramics, paintings, 2D design, drawings, and sculptures.

The moment you step into the gallery your attention will face life size half body sculpture of a woman. Large art canvases are filling the entire room with students art. Many unique paintings from self-portraits, to political ceramic sculptures.

Art Instructor, and curator of the gallery, Ron Linden transforms the Gallery. Linden has created the gallery to be enjoyable for everyone in the community to stop by and view art student’s perspectives in their creations.

The art department at Harbor has been a positive increase getting art students transferring out to Art programs. Two of the art students will be transferring to Cal State Dominguez Hills art program in fall. Jessica Hernandez, won in her “Excellence in 3D Design” for her sculpture made of plaster called “Lady”.

According to Hernandez, she has always been inspired by the greats such as Michangelo and Da Vinci.

“I wanted to do a piece that would reflect that time period but at the same time let the piece developments its own personality and soul.”

Robert Tucker, will also be Transferring to Dominguez Hills and will majoring in Graphic Design. Gabriel Ramos who won “Excellence in 2D Design” for his work on his admiration on Marilyn Monroe, will be attending Cal State University Long Beach in product design.

The Harbor College Art Gallery is located on the West Side of Campus in Fine Arts, FA Building.


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