Jefferson, Dake capture ASO election

Associated Student Organizations Board announced May 9 that the ticket of Elijah Jefferson and Dean Dake won the Harbor College presidential race by 55 percent of the vote (137 votes in total). Brandon Molina, and Joseph Reyes had 76 votes. Currently there are 9,192 Harbor College students eligible to vote.

The turnout in votes for the campus election was the second largest among the other nine campuses for all Los Angeles Community College with only 215 Harbor students voting, according to ASO Adviser Gary Gonzales.

Camille Joyce Bonifacio smoothly won her chair as ASO Vice President of Finance with 174 votes.  Bonifacio had no other candidate running against her, which had to be effortless victorious campaign.

The Los Angeles Harbor College ASO, have served since 1949 to build a strong campus community. According to LA Harbor college website “ ASO dedicates time lobbying on local, State, and Federal levels on a broad range of issues that affect students.”

One student, Brandon Bernasconi, had a brief discussion with Jefferson. It was Bernasconi first time meeting Jefferson and knows that the president was emphasizing his role to be elected so he could help some of the students at Harbor continue working as students in the training program at the 76 refinery near the campus on the border of Wilmington / San Pedro.

Jefferson and Molina have disagreements about students working in the refinery for health reasons. Jefferson believes that it’s the students decision if they want to work for the refinery, and in this cruel economic time for jobs, he understands its important for students to work. Jefferson doesn’t want to use his executive seat to take jobs away for any student.

“I heard many issues from the students ranging from immigration all the way to lack of activities. Over the summer I plan on working with my cabinet to create stronger senate bills that are associated with clear measurable goals.”

Bernasconi, was among the student that didn’t vote although he met Jefferson the day before the votes were turned in. Bernasconi said, “If he voted it would have been because he was the only candidate he knew about.” Another student mentioned that during the campaign, Jefferson is who they spotted the most speaking to every single student around campus.

Gonzales showed proud enthusiasm for Dake victory on his seat as Vice President. Gonzales mentioned Dake returned back to ASO from being  hospitalized after a deadly Motorcycle accident. Jefferson  said: “Dake is a great asset to the ASO, which is why I ran with him. He is extremely knowledgible when it comes to procedures and bylaws. Between’s Dake wisdom and knowledge, and my enthusiasm, we will get things done. We both believe the ASO could benefit from more structure and better communicate with the senate.”

One of Jefferson’s plan this summer is to bring back a lot of events such as the “Textbook trade”. The event will allow students to “trade in used textbooks for a textbook that they might need for the upcoming semester that will save time and money.”



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