New Title V director has worlds of experience

By Devon Robinson, Staff Writer

Title V at Los Angeles Harbor College is getting a new director. Elika Dadsetan has worked in developing response programs abroad for over six years and in education for 10.

Title V is a federal grant whose purpose is to strengthen the educational resources of colleges and universities and to provide financial assistance for students in post-secondary education and higher education.

Elika Dadsetan has a lengthy background.

She has a masters degree in Peace and Justice Studies from the University of San Diego, Southwestern Law School, University of San Francisco and is at Northeastern University and may be starting at University of Southern California in the fall.

She has helped in other parts of the world including the Middle East and parts of Africa. After working to help develop education abroad she worked at Los Angeles Valley College for a while before coming to LAHC.

She hopes to accomplish access to quality education at LAHC.

When she is not busy she loves to walk her dogs and to travel.

She is a big sports fan as well. She loves the Green Bay Packers, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Red Sox, and Real Madrid.


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