Men’s soccer, fit to be tied, at East L.A. Tuesday

By Christian Vega, Staff Writer

Tied up in knots lately, the Los Angeles Harbor College men’s soccer team plays at East Los Angeles College Tuesday afternoon at 3 in another non-conference game.

After opening the season 1-1, the Seahawks have managed three consecutive ties.

Harbor played a tough game against Orange Coast College last Thursday. The game that started as if it would be an easy win for Harbor, ended 2-2.

Friday Harbor tied Glendale, 1-1.

The Orange Coast game started good for the Seahawks as they scored two goals in the first half. Goals for Harbor were scored by Ivan Avila and Adrian Acuna.

Avila scored from a shot 25 yards out into the bottom left corner. Acuna ran with the ball and chipped the goalie from five yards out. Frank Solares gave Acuna the assist.

As the second half started, Orange Coast came out and dominated the possession. It came out attacking and scored two  goals in a 10 minute span.

Adrian Acuna gave a shot for Harbor and what could have been the game winner hit the post and went out of play.

Harbor goalkeeper Bryan Gonzalez made three saves in the last five minutes of the game to hold of Orange Coast. Gonzalez played the whole game and finished with seven saves.

After the game, Navid Ramirez was asked about his team’s performance and he said “overall we’re doing good for preseason, there is a lot of things we need to work on. We lack in a couple of things but we need to communicate and overall we are a team with potential.” Ramirez plays center-back for Harbor.


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