GTA Online; 4 years and still going strong

Grand Theft Auto Five is still going strong in the gaming world despite it being released September 17, 2013. It maintains a spot in the top ten most played games on Steam (PC gaming’s premiere digital distribution service). While there has been no additional single player content released, developer Rockstar Games has been continuously updating the online component to the game, GTA Online.

How does GTA Online stay so fresh? Rockstar has been following gaming trends closely and emulating the most popular ideas and incorporating them into the game. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a massively popular online multiplayer shooter, is the latest game Rockstar has its eyes on. It has players parachuting into an ever shrinking arena left to battle it out until only one player is left standing. GTA Online has added a game-type Motor War, which is almost a direct copy of Battlegrounds. The game-type is more team based and includes a stronger emphasis on vehicular combat giving it GTA’s own unique flavor.

This isn’t the first time Rockstar has added a mode that so closely copies the competition nor do they always follow suit. The Cunning Stunts update added race tracks full of tubes and loops similar to publisher Ubisoft’s Track Mania series. Players take part in impossible races over the skies of the world of GTA V. The tracks can wind through the skyscrapers, streets, off road, or even down to the ocean shore. Each race can have you using supercars, motorcycles, or transforming ATVs allowing you to race on water.

On top of everything else added, GTA Online sports standard game modes in case you ever get bored with the larger and more over the top types. And if you really want a change of pace  golf, tennis, and darts are available to play as well.

Student Michael Cote still plays because, “I think the money based system is really good. You can compete against other players and the money you gain lets you constantly upgrade your stuff.”

There is so much variety packed into GTA Online that it is easy to see how it stays appealing to all kinds of players. Whether one wants to participate in tense heists or get in the cockpit of a fighter jet, GTA Online has you covered.


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