Harbor’s Undecided

By Albert Marion

Indecisiveness plague people throughout all walks of life. The stress lays most weight on the shoulders of students being that there is so much pressure to find what you want to do forever. What needs to be understood is there is no such thing as finding what you want to do forever there is only finding what you want to do for a while, and loving it.

Now maybe you’re not sure what you would love to do for a while. Well at LA Harbor College we have a few different alley-ways that will surely lead to easy street. Go to your CGCA counselor or a counselor and schedule a meeting that involves being undecided and advice.

You can also speak to a transfer counselor. Many students have an idea of going to a two year (college) and it somehow working out and they conveniently end up in a university.

If you have this naive mindset and have a University in mind that you would like to end up, you have a leg up on some of your fellow classmates. If you have not visited Assists.org it will surely be recommended or suggested by a counselor if transferring is an interest of yours.

Assists shows all the prerequisites required to prevail and pursue all the majors required at the university you have in mind. You may discover that the four year (college) you would have interest in does not offer as many courses as you were led to believe. Many universities have such a big name that you may not know the location.

There is a long road to getting your degree. You should research your soon to be professors to better understand their policies and if their lenient or strict with late work. Especially if you’re up all night researching the acceptance rate for Ohio State.

How do you even find what you like? Or who to speak to about it? Having friends with common interests can help. Birds of a feather flock together so find a flock. How do I find likeminded geniuses?

Visit the ASO building upstairs there are clubs listed to be plucked like a ripe apple waiting for ravaging.  Finding people that like what you like will surely participate in out of school events related to the group interest. Following these events, knowledge of what your interests are will be developed.

Also, understanding the things, people and environment you enjoy will result in a Major being discovered and the stress being relieved.


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