Lower enrollment trend continues at LAHC

By Ian Sloan, Staff Writer

This semester the Los Angeles Harbor College campus is facing an odd conundrum, less student enrollment.
Fall 2017 is not the only time that LAHC has faced fewer students enrolling. LAHC’s president Otto Lee said, “Our enrollment this Fall semester is down seven percent from Fall semester of 2016.”
Some students like Mario Vargas speculate that the enrollment may be down because of other factors. Mario said, “It might be down because some people see community college as a worse option than going to a four year, I’ve lived in Wilmington my whole life so I’m here because it is close and cheap.”
A few of the actual numbers going on with the enrollment are as follows. LAHC’s headcount for fall of last year was down seven percent from the previous year. This follows the trend that has been occurring since 2014. The amount of actual students attending has also gone down within this time frame. Compared to fall of 2015, fall 2016’s student count was down seven percent as well.
But just because enrollment is down right now does not mean that it will stay that way. Dean Albo-Lopez said, “In higher education, typically when the economy is doing well, the numbers of students who opt to go to school versus the workforce declines. At this point in time, we are at a point in the cycle where enrollment is in decline, however, this is part of the normal cycle within higher education.”
Even though there is a less amount of students on campus at any given moment, that does not mean the campus feels empty. “More students are taking larger unit counts and are considered full time,” said Dean Albo-Lopez, “Even though we may have a fewer number of students coming to Harbor, many more are full time, so it somewhat balances out our environment.”
There are less students attending LAHC but that does not spell the end, it is only a matter of time until more heads start popping up around campus.


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