Blog about Finals

By Mathew Buddhasiri

Finals. Whether you hate them or love them, one thing is for certain… finals are FINAL and you have to take them. Finals are that wonderful “enter sarcastic tone” time of the year where at the end of the each semester of class where one must take one last “final” test to see what you have learned in the class and is also a way of letting the professor know if you actually deem worthy of getting a passing grade or not.

However thinking about finals, it made me think about the different ways that different professors do them. Some professors do them cumulative which means that it is based on the entire semester and everything that was taught and learned throughout the entire lifespan of the span. The other way is some professors will not go the cumulative route and will instead stick to the lesson plan and test students on their knowledge of what was just taught.

Personally, I think both ways are okay, however the route that seems to get me the higher grade as well as I’m sure others would be the latter choice. When you are taught something and it is fresh in your brain and memory, someone is obviously going to do better and be more successful.

Either way I have a couple finals to take so I’m just going to study my butt off and cross my fingers for the best.     


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