Letters to the editor for the December issue

From a concerned community member

I am writing to you this email as per your suggestion when I met you in your class on Monday afternoons.


I’m also writing out of concern for the fact that there have been many building projects that have been facilitated on campus but none have been realized to fruition. I am wondering why it has taken so long to even begin construction.

For example, the building that I’m most concerned about is the 2006 Administration office. It has just been sitting around collecting dust and has become a raccoon house. It has not had any construction done on it at all and nothing is being done about it. It just seems like money is being wasted. In addition to this there’s the problem of the theater building.


The new theater has not been built since as far back as I can remember and it again, has become just an empty problem. I’m wondering what is being done and what the impact to the students is. It seems like buildings just sit around and that someone should write a story about this to hold the district accountable for their fiscal responsibilities of construction of buildings in a timely manner and not just wasting money by having them sit and do nothing.


Is the money being misappropriated? I wonder!



As an LAHC Counselor, I applauded your September 2017 headline, “Harbor’s undecided, pick a major?” article. It was wonderful to see attention placed on the issue of selecting a college major, and the people and tools to help students in the decision-making process.


A couple of points of clarification:


A “CGCA” is a counselor-in-training, rather than a counselor. The initials stand for Career Guidance Counselor Assistant. A student worker hired as a CGCA generally attends a university, and s/he is working on a Bachelors or Masters degree.The website you referred to is www.assist.org . This website shows the articulation agreements between the University of California campuses, the California State University campuses, and the 114 California Community Colleges. (There was an error in the spelling of the web address.)

On behalf of the Counselors, we look forward to using all of the tools at our disposal, in students’ quests for meaningful majors! I hope you’ll contact me if I can provide any further information, and I thank you for your timely article.


Joy Fisher – Counseling Division Chair/Career Counselor



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