Stress because of finals, were all in this together

By Christian Vega

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is coming, but so is our finals. After so many weeks of school, not getting enough sleep, and not watching Netflix due to homework, we have come to the end. Who isn’t happy about that??

Before all that we need to get through finals. With finals sadly comes a lot of stress. While some people manage stress better than others, no one wants to really study we all just want to pass the class. Studying isn’t that hard, although you can’t spell studying without dying.

Just remember it’s only one more week. Remember, pain is temporary, GPA is forever. Looking back at a C at what could could have been a B can be heartbreaking. It’s only one more week, we’ve made it this far. Just do what’s necessary and finish strong.

Also remember, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together. Everybody makes mistakes.

Everybody has those days. Your classmates are going through the same misery. It’s ok to ask for help as we all should help each other. It’s called teamwork. We all have the same goal to the pass the class,     

For people who are stressing more than ever, it’s okay. No one is perfect. Here are some tips to help deal with and manage stress.

  1. Relax when possible, this can include treating yourself to starbucks or watching Netflix
  2. Accept the anxiety that comes with finals and make the best of it.
  3. Get enough sleep and eat on the regularly. Focus is key and you can’t focus when you’re sleepy or hungry
  4. Know you’re not alone, ask classmates what helps them
  5. Calm down, it isn’t the end of the world. There’s a tomorrow regardless of the result
  6. Music always helps. Recommendations include Coldplay and the 1975
  7. Don’t cram every subject at the same time. Going maximum overdrive and studying all the subjects at the same time isn’t going to help. One subject at a time for 1-2 hours is a better way to study.

There are multiple and effective ways to study. Cecilia Duenas, 18, studies in a way that works for her. “I’ll study twice a day for a week then when finals are approaching, I’ll study everyday.” With so manys to study, find out which way works for you. After finals, she’ll get some type of rest since she’ll be “taking winter sessions.”

For those people who are taking winter classes, they will start January 2nd and will go through all the way until February 2nd.  

Not many people like to study but it’s something we must do.First comes the rain, then comes the rainbow. This is the rain. We all can get through this. The studying, the finals, staying up late and not getting enough sleep. Once it’s over we get to enjoy the rainbow. Getting enough sleep, staying up late, watching Netflix, and spending time with our pets and families..  

As singer Hannah Montana once said “nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it”, any mistakes we did this semester can help us prepare for our future and next semester.

We’re all here, we’re all taking finals. We’re all in this together. Together we can all pass, together we can all survive. Survive until next semester then the process starts all over again.


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