By Roman Tmetuchl

The scandal and news involving Facebook has seen more coverage lately seeing as the recent news with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg having to testify before congress this past week, and many people seem to still be confused on the issue. To quickly recap the events that have had led up to this it had all started when it was revealed that as many as 87 million people might have had their data accessed.

Facebook stated that they believe most of its 2.2 Billion users have had their public information scraped by “Malicious actors” at some point, and after a few days of the news breaking they began apologizing and rolling out new privacy policies. Since the incident they have begun to use their new privacy policies to help explain the data it gathers on users more clearly, and restricting access apps can have to data about users in an effort to be more upfront with users.

Back to recent events with congress, many may be wondered as to why they are getting involved and that is because they have become more interested in increasing its regulations on Facebook due to not only its size and influence, but also because of the many issues its currently facing. This includes user’s data privacy that has been a recent issue, allowing fake news to spread on the platform, and selling ads to Russian propagandists.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before congress and was grilled by them for 10 hours, by nearly 100 legislators each asking him to address the many scandals the company has faced and asking whether regulations on it were necessary with Mark saying the regulation of the industry is “inevitable. Yet even after all the hearings industry watchers believe congress is unlikely to pass any new laws to regulate Facebook, but for now many wait to see what congress plans to do about the issue. A student here at Harbor, Leonard, had said “I get this is a big issue, but honestly it does not really affect me, I haven’t even used Facebook in a long time. I usually use snapchat or Instagram” with another student Ronald saying “Well I don’t like the fact that my data could be out there, but I don’t really have anything worth getting worried about, but I can understand if some people do care, and want their info kept private”.

Whether or not Facebook will see repercussions is unknown, and we will have to wait and see what congress plans to do going forward.