By: Monica Parra


“Black Panther” has made impressive success breaking sales records grossing a total of $1.279 billion and earning a spot in the top 10 movies of all time at #4 in U.S. history. On April 18th, 2018 the film will make its way to the grand opening of an AMC theater in Saudi Arabia for the first time in 35 years to break the cinema ban created back in the 1980’s which aimed to obtain conservative religious standards.

After recent approval of Saudi Arabian women to drive and now releasing the long time theater ban, it is evident that there is strong effort to improve the social customs of the country. Saudi Arabia aims to expand and open 40 movie theaters with AMC Entertainment within a five year span. It is predicted by analysts that the country of Saudi Arabia could produce $1 billion in revenues and be one of the 10 markets for “theatrical” revenues.

The film has hit high ranks receiving a 97/98 score by Rotten Tomatoes. It also surpassed all of the other Marvel Films in ticket sales. “Black Panther” is rated PG and is a very well acclaimed movie because of its enticing storyline. It’s not an average superhero movie where an error occurs in a lab and results go haywire; “Black Panther” offers a great sense of film appreciation and versatility between characters and their motives allowing for a great plot and keeping the viewer expecting the unexpected. Even if you aren’t a big fan of superhero movies, the film does such a remarkable job in capturing the viewers attention with every scene whether through it’s special effects or characteristics leading up to the theme.

The director, Ryan Coogler, states in an interview with Variety that he ultimately wanted to make this film because he was always interested in comics and inspired by all superheros as he was growing up, but he emphasized that he was even more thrilled with the idea of his favorite superheros being the ones that looked like him. The entire population that comes from ‘Wakanda’ —the city where the Black Panther is from— is made up of all African-Americans. Cooler said in an interview with Variety that there comes a greater pleasure for him knowing the content in comic books will resonate with African-American individuals. As a child he prolonged the strength and courage of a superhero in comic books where they looked like him and lived in a world like his. He said there was an “ache” for him to evince a cultural idea that is personal and unique to those like him who struggled to identify with someone so extraordinary as a superhero.

A film as captivating as “Black Panther” will spark the imaginations and thrill of movie goers long awaiting the return of cinemas in Saudi Arabia. It will produce empowerment and fulfillment in knowing that the first movie Saudi Arabians will come to see at their local cinemas is one that has made groundbreaking success and history throughout the world._Black Panther_ poster at AMC Cinema in Rolling Hills April 6, 2018 by Monica Parra.