By Timothy Rosales

Staff Writer

Does Harbor College Have Talent?

On April 11th, A.S.O. had it’s 3rd annual talent show but with a special location in the Recital Hall of the music building. Normally it was hosted in the Seahawk Center but they changed it to provide a higher sound and environment for students and attendees. This semester there were plenty of acts to witness such as vocal performances, performances with a musical instrument (Chinese harp, guitar, piano and a ukulele), poetry, a magic act, and a special folk song and dance.

The biggest question about the talent show was how the event went overall. I had the host of the show Drew Bivinetto, who helped plan the event, explain his thoughts. “The talent show was a success! It was a great experience and had students express how cool it was that it centered around artistic expression and that there should be more events similar to it!” Drew Bivinetto, 22, English.

It’s not always easy for the performers to get up on stage and perform, but this semester’s participants were happy to participate. One performer, Dante Brown, explained; “This event was really fun and the I decided to perform was to work on my stand up comedy as I’m told that I’m hysterical. This experience helped me learn more of how to improve my act for the future but mostly it was to see the audience having a great time in general. However, I might want a smaller role in the next event.”

The show ran well throughout its duration however there were technical difficulties during some performers acts. With some sound issues and a random dead microphone, this will definitely help them prepare for their next show. One performer who had some technical difficulties happen to her performance had this to say, “I was really nervous but even with some difficulties I thought it still turned out well. We had a month to plan this event so I thought it was organized well but this might be my only performance.” Jonnea Que, 18, Nursing.

At the end the 3 winners who were decided by point system with the 5 judges voting. The three winners were Anthony Chuy in first place for his magic act, Charnisa Bradley in second place for her technology poetry, and Navneet Kaur for third place with her folk song and dance. The winners received a gift card and a participation prize with their certificate of their victory.