Timothy Rosales

Memories, We Just Want to Go Back There!

With the new building expected to open by August, a few students might be asking where they will put the pool table, the piano, and other specific things at the Seahawk Center. The answer is they won’t. Some administrators, who are excited to see this new building with new things, don’t want any of the old items from the Seahawk Center. One person who really wants the old items, along with the new, in the newly built Seahawk is the ASO Advisor Gary Gonzalez. He states, “I love all the items provided at the Seahawk Center because students love the stuff. The foosball table, ping pong table, pool table, and the piano are used practically everyday and I just feel that if the students use them regularly we should keep them. They said they might buy a new foosball table but the rest of items seem harder to bring back.”

Another item students want to be moved to the new building is the special painting

of the mural, that was painted back in 1973. The painting is shown on the balcony facing the old library of the Seahawk Center to keep the legend of Guy Goodenow’s mural for the school alive again. Sadly, few students know about it. I got a chance to talk with the a few members of the club who painted the mural. The President of the MECHA Club, Pedro Garcia, age 22, and majoring in Art said, “Our club painted the mural for 2 weeks to get the project done. It was on November 1st, 2017 on Dia De Los Muertos,(Day of the Dead), that we started. Whenever we had some time to kill after class we’d get to work. We were able to get the items funded thanks to the A.S.O., but we were the ones who built the whole thing to bring back the history to our school.” I spoke to him and his club about how they are trying to make sure the mural is added to the new building. They requested it to be added, or redrawn, somewhere on the wall. The club’s Vice President, Brandon Molina, stated, “We tried, but the administration is concerned that it wouldn’t fit in, which was odd because the original plan had been to paint it, or even put it up in the new building after its finished. Now the concern of it not fitting the new building is the issue. We feel very strongly that this is a part of the school’s history and deserves to be put up.”

Hopefully we will be able to see the history and the fun activities that are provided at the current Seahawk Center brought to the new building.