Summer Classes

By Ian Sloan

Summer is just around the corner and with it, the end of the spring semester. Summer brings many opportunities for students like work and free time for fun. But there’s also another opportunity , more classes. Summer classes are available both online and on campus but are taught at an accelerated rate than normal classes. Students are also able to take classes at other campuses, if they decide to take any classes at all.

Dempsey Craig, 20, Studio Art, does not plan to take any summer classes this year, but has in the past. “My reasoning for not taking any summer classes this year is that I will be signing up for an internship, although I have taken them before,” Craig said. He is not alone as Ethan Kirkpatrick, 19, Communications, will not be taking summer courses either. “I will not be taking any summer classes this semester because I will hopefully be graduating with two associate degrees,” Kirkpatrick said. But just because these two are not taking any summer courses does not mean the rest of Harbor is not.

Reasoning for taking summer courses varies among students. “This summer I will be taking a communications and history class to get more of my requirements out of the way,” said Stephanie Velazquez, 18, Liberal Studies. Requirements are only one of the reasons students take summer courses. “I will not be taking any courses here over the summer, but I will be taking a math course to do some catching up,” said Ezekiel Vargas, 21, Physics. Summer courses can also be taken for fun if students see something they are interested in and would like to know more without having to take more during the fall.

Summer courses do come with pros and cons. While taking them can help speed up getting a degree, the accelerated pace of teaching can be difficult to keep up with. The time classes take up can also mean less availability to work for students who hold jobs or are seeking employment.

Registration at Harbor has been available to students as of April and will remain open all summer long. Summer courses are available on other campuses as well.

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