By Devon Robinson


Hey professor do you know that this guy with his nose in his phone in the back of the class is playing Fortnite which is coincidentally the hottest game out right now?

Fortnite was released July 25, 2017 and is a two mode game that consists of a “Battle Royale” and “Save the World”mode. Save the World is ‘pay to play’ and is in early access but is set to become free later this year.

The Battle Royale is free to play and has swept the nation by storm.

Rival game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was released March 23, 2017 and did well but pales in comparison to Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Battle Royale is a 100 player brawl where there is a vehicle everyone boards and jumps out when they decide to or when the game automatically releases players at the end of a timer Players then collect resources and weapons to defeat each other until there is one person left standing.

When players land on the island, there is a big white circle which indicates the eye of the storm, a deadly area that continually gets smaller.  The point of the storm is so everyone moves toward the center of the ‘eye’ and don’t stay sitting in one place, miles away which delays the game.

When players land they are only armed with a pickaxe and need to immediately look for materials by destroying trees and buildings with their pickaxe. There are weapons hidden all over the map and they range from common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary.  

The common is grey and does minimal damage but as the name indicates these items are pretty easy to find. The uncommon is green and is the name is a little deceiving because uncommons are basically the same items but with more impacts. The rare items are blue and consist of more items such as bandages, shield potions, and more guns that do more damage and slight player health improvement. Epic is purple and the guns do about half damage and the supplies have more impact. Legendary is gold and is super hard to find there is an instant build tower and full damage guns.

Harbor Tides staff asked a few students how they felt about the game.

Michael Leno, 22, Psychology said “man I love this game, I  pay like 7 hours a day and I flipped out when I found out its on iphone because  now I can play when I’m at school.”

Adrian Prado, 20, Music stated that he plays about 6 hours a day.

“I played it the first day it was out because I  was excited about save the world not such the battle royal but its super addicting and you can’t only play one game you usually play for a few hours at a time every chance that you can.”

He continued on by saying there are a lot of flaws with the game like building is super slow, Dusty Divot (formerly Dusty Depot) is trash, and there are some really broken guns like the heavy pistol and light machine gun. How would i shoot from 5 feet away and only hit for 10 damage.

Kevin Francisco, 19, Acting and Journalism is a habitual Fortnite player.

“ I play for about 2 hours a day and I watch videos on Instagram of the game but more into sci-fi games. I tried to stay away from Fort but all my friends played, my siblings, and even my mother started playing so I was like why not I’ll ‘ll give it a try and now I need to play everyday.”

Something everybody I asked had in common was they really played the most around Christmas break when they had more time on their hands.

The game is still in beta testing and continually provides content updates. In the future, driving and jet packs are speculated to make an appearance.