By Timothy Rosales

The play “A Delightful Quarantine” that was directed by Juan Baez and made by Mark Dunn was one of the main performances of Spring 2018 this semester. It was performed between May 16-19 for 15 dollars and had a special deal where if you bought a ticket you got another for free. It was performed in the small theater dome and was packed opening night.

The play was about little scenarios of residents in the area being quarantined during an outbreak and told the lives of different homes which included a ton of laughter and drama alike. While the story progressed an actress came on stage and told little brief information of the characters and then let the actors perform and act out the rest.

Different stories that were told were a brother and sister who were together and the sister announced of her illness, two couples having problems with their significant other, 2 elderly women who hilariously fights off a robber, a cat lady and her date going crazy of her imagination of her dozen cats, children alone in a big house and going through their grandparents clothes, and a dramatic situation of a girl who was put up for adoption returned home and the family.

The actors nailed the roles and it was very entertaining to see.