By Victor Valladares

Los Angeles Harbor College sheriffs received a call that a male was caught looking in the stalls of a women’s restroom while they were in use on Monday Aug. 27.

The  21 year old suspect  whose name has not been released was not a student here at Harbor College according to Deputy Sheriff Nick Guskos. The suspect was apprehended in the restroom where he hid in a stall and sheriffs arrested him upon arrival.

From there, the suspect was taken to the campus sheriff station where he was questioned and later transported to the Carson Sheriff station where he awaited his court date. Deputy Sheriff Guskos said, “We have increased campus security patrols on campus mainly around bathrooms to prevent this incident from occurring again.” He also stated that flyers were put up about the incident around campus doors where high populated student attractions occur and that the individual is not welcomed on campus ever again.

Students who attend Harbor said they feel “unsafe,” “creeped out,” and that “are not comfortable using the campus restroom anymore.” Students also have said, “The sheriff should increase campus security and that it is even worse that the individual wasn’t a student. Who knows what other type of event can occur now after this?”. Many students also did not hear about the incident, nor see any flyers informing them about it. Many students say, “Campus security should improve on announcing situations like this.” Deputy Sheriff Guskos said, “If you see anything that is out of place or just not right, please report it to us immediately.”