By Timothy Rosales


ASO celebrated their latest Club Rush this year in mid September but unfortunately Los Angeles Harbor College began doing construction on their final day. Leaving little space for students to travel and looking like a battered construction zone also hurt the event itself. Students called this semester a sub-par event in comparison to the previous semester.. Was it as sub-par as they say?


Jack Adair, 21, Business and Administration, who works in the A.S.O. staff,. explained that this past event went pretty well stating, “We had a larger student turnout this semester for sure. Definitely spur creation of new clubs.” He thought the club turnout was amazing this semester. However, problems seemed to have occurred with preparation. “Clubs must turn in their applications by the 6th week and we don’t have all the club applications in yet. It’s a little tough this semester… as we are switching to a new system for filing. Clubs are a bit confused, individuals are confused what to do because it’s a new system.” He expressed that besides that, the event was a success.


Another student, Alex Hernandez, 21, Undecided, felt the event was fine but more to be desired. He did think it was because; “Club Rush is a good opportunity for students to acknowledge what extracurricular activities the campus has to offer or provide knowledge for some students about majors.” Hernandez said. He then states his big problem about Club Rush “It could have been improved on by advertising more of what kind of activities clubs have.” He explained that a previous club, E-Sports Club, brought a game console and played it out in public for students to view. It was packed He thinks more clubs should have more of that focus to bring in more students.


Finally, one Julian Simpson, 26, Nursing, was a volunteer for A.S.O. spoke about the event saying, “It was very busy. There were a lot of students out there, the booths were occupied, and people working on the booths looked like they were having fun.” He enjoyed seeing the clubs get more exposure to see them grow. He then discussed a few problems that occurred. “We ran out of tables… and there was also the issue I realized some of the clubs weren’t prepared. We also had volunteers who signed up but didn’t show up the day of Club Rush due to being in class.”


While the event seemed to have a good amount of students participate. Could there have been more without having the gates up and in the way? The small problems and changes left clubs and students confused and staggered applications sign ups for clubs. Hopefully the students enjoyed it and the event works better next time.