Fully locked or partially

By Victor Valladares


The work and Environment Committee sent out a letter to all teachers in the Northeast Academic Hall saying “ By order of the Work and Environment Committee Sept. 24th all Classroom doors will be required to be locked for all Instructors in the NEA Building.” The Committee held a meeting in the summer with the attendance of the Work and Environment Committee and the Committees Chairman himself Michael Reid and Deputy Sheriff Guskos. The meeting heavily discussed tactics the College District suggested Colleges should start doing incase a active shooter comes onto campus, which was having classroom doors locked to prevent a shooter from entering the Classroom.


Committee Chairman Michael Reid says, “The reason behind the locked is to ensure safety for both faculty and students, I think it’s a good idea because with using the instructor pass key to enter, making People, Students, and Faculty feel safe.”  When asking Reid if the tatic is beneficial he said, “This is beneficial, whos gonna argue about safety right? You wanna be safe to the environment you come to.” Committee Chairman Reid said, “Awareness and training for active shooter for faculty then passing that information from faculty to students in their classrooms. Were looking for a safe Environment not just for the NEA but for the whole Campus and we’re gonna do that through training and that includes Earthquake and Natural Disaster training. Faculty has been on board with the changes, I haven’t received any complaints directly.”
Director of College Facilities Alex Nelson, says, “ I think it’s safier for everyone’s safety, the District suggests that we do these tactics for all the buildings on Campus. Also by the end of May 2019 Mechanical doors will be switched onto classrooms that all it takes a push of a button to lock from the inside of class.” Deputy Sheriff Guskos says, “The Sheriff Department had a saying in the suggesting the tactic to the committee, the committee suggested it would increase safety for the students. We conduct monthly security meeting looking for ways to increase safety on the Campus. The Sheriff’s Department is ready to any emergency including an active shooter.” When notifying students about the tactic that has taken place Henry Johnson III, Sociology Major says, “It’s a fifty fifty because what if i’m running during that event trying to get to a safety zone and everything I locked and not able to enter?”, Chris Jackson, Sociology Major says “It’s a win or lose due to the fact there aren’t many students walking around Campus”. Socialogy Instructor, Alberto Pimentel says, “I personally want students to have a open classroom were they are able to come early and have a place to relax, i know that there are concerns other students have and i do understand that but i also want the students to know that there is a welcoming classroom for them”, Andrea Cano, ESL instructor says “its a positive change for the school and can be beneficial for the Campus.” Some instructors have started to lock their doors during lecture while some still have their doors open with a trash can in the walkway.


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