By Ian Sloan

Luis Dorado, Vice President of Student Services, is working on a campaign to help students get their parking passes sooner. The campaign is still in its infancy and has not yet been named.

“I have asked students recently as to why they park across the street where you have to pay by the hour, and the general consensus was that across the street was more convenient than our own parking areas,” Dorado said. To compare locations: the parking lot across the street goes up and down L street, giving easier access to the Northeast Academic Hall (NEA) whereas the student parking areas are on the back end of the campus.

However convenient the location may be, parking across the street more often than not will typically hit student wallets harder. A campus parking pass can be purchased at $20 per semester at the Business Office. Across the street, payment is done by the hour at one dollar every hour, or five dollars for the whole day.

The campaign was initially brought up during a faculty senate meeting on September 6, where those present got into a debate about the grace period of two weeks for students not to receive citations. “As of right now, there has been a compromise and the grace period will be reduced to one week instead of not having one at all,” Dorado said. This is in line with other community colleges throughout the South Bay who also have a one week grace period.

Theater teacher Juan Baez believes that students should be able to park for free and is in support of Dorado’s campaign. “I am behind Doctor Dorado in this campaign,” Baez said, “In fact, some campuses let full time students do free parking.” When this idea was proposed to Marco Rios, 20, Computer Science, his reaction was positive. “I park mostly on campus and actually don’t like parking across the street since I have seen a car with its window smashed at one point,” Diaz said, “the one week reduction is annoying though because lines are long for parking passes and some people don’t have time to wait.”

The campaign that Student Services is working on is slated to come out around December or January before the spring semester starts.


Parking across the street is $1/hour and $5 for “the entire day”

Parking passes on campus are $20 for each semester. Parking spots for students are located in the parking structure and to the east of the campus.