By Timothy Rosales


Juan Baez from the Los Angeles Harbor College Theatre Department has a new play out for the public to watch called “Widows”. Baez will be directing the play based on the original novel written by Ariel Dorfman. Tickets are available for performances from October 4th-6th and October 11th-13th for $15 on advance or $20 a the door. Each performance starts promptly at 7:30 p.m. at the LAHC Arena Theater.


The play focuses on a town believed to be cursed as its populated by mostly women. The women await for their men to return back to them ever since they vanished many years ago. With a vicious fascist government on their backs and the river, where they collect food and wash clothes with, delivers unidentifiable corpses to them and causes distrust amongst each other.


The scenes for Widows is heavy on emotion. The big part of the enjoyment is to see each character slowly break at the fact that they will never see their men again. Each character delivers their lines with such sorrow and anger over all the craziness that has presented itself. The women are loyal yet fragile while the government stomp around to get their way. The story progresses with all this tension and throws surprise to really excite the crowd. Overall, the production solid as always, the music pieces were full of passion and tension it flowed with the scenes.