By Timothy Rosales

Last Friday morning, the Child Development Program offered an event for parents and children to come and celebrate Halloween early with staff and a few clubs giving out candy and provide different activities such as face painting, and dancing. It was held at the Child Development Center on October 26, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The Harvest festival was started 2 years ago by Gretchen Hayes. She says, “It was normally an event where parents and children walked around the campus and are given treats through specific spots but due to the construction, we worried about their safety so we moved the event to the Child Development Center.” It’s been a huge success and has grown as of moving to the center.

They are many volunteers who help staff the event like Christian Garcia, 26, Liberal Arts, who had this to say about the event and his time staffing. “Karla Amaya asked around the program and needed staff members so I decided to try it. It was my first year and it’s a lot of fun. Seeing all the kids happy makes this worth it.” Karla Amaya has been around since the start of Harvest Fest and is happy of the turn out.

Clubs, staff, and faculty are welcome to participate for the event and hold their own stand to support the children. Popular clubs like the Honors were out supporting with Student Services and ASO contributed as well.