By Ian Sloan

The midterm general elections coming on November 6 have the attention of people and organizations all over the nation. Students on campus at Los Angeles Harbor College are a mixed bag however, ranging from focusing on them to not knowing they were happening at all.

When it comes to voting some students like Alexis Reyes, 20, General Engineering, intend to vote but have not paid much attention. “I haven’t seen much about them and haven’t seen much in the way of resources either,” Reyes said. This does not mean that all students do not pay attention. Jazzmin Rodriguez, 19, Nursing showed enthusiasm about the elections. “This is our chance to give change another definition,” Rodriguez said. The Harbor Tides also conducted a survey about whether or not students pay attention to the elections, and if they plan on voting. Out of 24 answers, results were a 50/50 split with reasoning’s for paying attention advocating change and reasoning for not doing so ranging from being too busy to outright disinterest.

Resources about the upcoming elections are plentiful and can be found primarily online. The official voter information guide and text of proposed laws can be found at in multiple languages and is printable. Physical copies can also be found at the LLRC on campus.

Voter awareness is crucial and should be practiced by all who intend to vote. Students voters like Zury Barahona, 19, Nursing, make sure they are educated before casting their ballot. “The only way to vote is by truly researching everything,” Barahona said, “… I intend to vote because it’s our future and it’s in our hands.” Included in the previously mentioned voter information guide are examples of what each proposition aims to accomplish, arguments for and against each proposition, and representatives that voters can contact with any questions regarding the stance being taken on an issue.

The past two years have been a tumultuous time for the political climate. Change can be made but it does require effort be made to vote and learn about current events.

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting” – Franklin D. Roosevelt