By Timothy Rosales

A fire started at the Seahawk Center earlier in the month required the fire department and police officials to rush over to Los Angeles Harbor College and put it out. The fire started October 17, 2018 around 3:44 p.m. with the whole building evacuated, the crew put it out around 4 p.m. The question however was: what started the fire?

One of the staff in the Seahawk Center, Keiyanna Chisom, had some information about the incident. Ms. Chisom said, “Around 4 p.m. a cadet came into the center to ask us to evacuate the building because of the smoke.” She went to the balcony and as she saw the black smoke warned the students and they all went outside with the fire department showing up soon after. “I called Dorado afterwards and the center was closed the day after until Monday in order for the janitors to clean the mess left.”

With the sheriffs getting no leads from the arson detectives who investigated the cause maybe students could have known about something? Well sadly, that wasn’t the case as most students didn’t see anything but individuals who have refused to comment due to the term “snitching”. A serious incident at school which could have been disastrous is a big deal and “snitching” isn’t a crime if it helps a cause. Something caused a fire and students sneak behind the Seahawk Center balcony to smoke in the past. Could this be related to the issue. As one student, Antonio Solis, 24, Undecided, who was at the Seahawk Center when it was evacuated said, “As soon as we got down, you can see the smoke coming from the back of the building. I think it was due to an electric issue from what I heard,.” Solis said.

With the Seahawk Center closing down after this semester, this event has hurt its reputation due to a possible electric issue. Hearing can only get us so far but without any facts or details. Hopefully no similar events repeat and more security is assigned to prevent further incidents occurring.