By Ian Sloan

The football team of Los Angeles Harbor College is at a win:loss ratio of 3:4 overall as of October 25. Currently they are in their conference at one win and one loss. Despite lower numbers because of injuries and transfers, the team remains hopeful for the remainder of the season.

Coach Dean Dowty sets the bar for the team’s confidence. “We are a small, mighty group. Many of our losses have been close,” Dowty said, “We need to win the next three games and then the conference for the possibility of a bowl game.” Those three games constitute what is left of the regular season. Opponents are in this order: Pierce, Pasadena, and Allan Hancock.

Harbor sophomore and player Joel Fahina, 21, Health and Fitness mirrors Dowty’s optimism. “We’re doing good. Obviously we could be performing better, but we are low on numbers too,” Fahina said, “When it comes to myself I feel that I’m doing good, but there is always room for improvement.” Improvement is an important word to the team, and is a mindset shared by players and coaches alike.

Practicing hard is a regime that every athlete adheres to and Tuna Oliva, 19, Kinesiology is no different. When it comes to practice and the team’s current state his views are shared with Coach Dowty and his fellow teammates. “As long as the team keeps practicing hard, I think we can get into the bowl game,” Oliva said. Oliva is also an advocate of self improvement, “I could do better but it doesn’t change anything, I just gotta keep practicing.” Practice is what the team needs to get through the next three games in hopes of reaching their goal, the bowl.

The next three games are crucial to the team as winning all three gives the team a chance to play in the bowl game. Locations and times for the games are as follows: October 27 vs LA Pierce, 6:00 p.m. at Harbor, November 3 vs Pasadena City, 6:00 p.m. at Harbor, and November 10 vs Allan Hancock, 1:00 p.m. at Allan Hancock College.