A bulldog puppy belonging to staff writer Melanie Morales. Photo By Melanie Morales


By Melanie Morales; Staff Writer

My name is Melanie Morales and I am a first generation Filipino-American who helps my uncle breed English Bulldogs. Growing up I have lived with a variety of dogs at different times. In total we had 13 dogs including: Rottweilers, Bijon frise, Terriers, Pugs, a Ridgeback Pitbull and now English bulldogs. I am here to share my experience raising and breeding Bulldogs.

What got us into breeding? The English Bulldog itself fits our lifestyle. They are known to be extremely lazy. They sit on their thrones, farting, drooling & snoring away their days.

We do it to keep and maintain quality features and genes for their offsprings. Buyers often want a pure breed because of their character and strong features of being short, stocky, and having an unforgettable face. It is also very enjoyable to watch and play with puppies on a daily basis and is our significant and reliable way of income.

Unfortunately, English Bulldogs have mating problems. They are too stubby that they simply cannot have intercourse. Depending on color and qualities of the stud, the sperm could cost from $500 to $1500. If the female does not take, some breeders allow for second insemination for no additional charge. Artificial Insemination is when one collects the sperm from the stud into a syringe and is inserted into the female.

After three to four weeks the female dog will get an ultrasound to confirm if she’s pregnant. The puppies are then born 60-62 days after insemination.

A fair price for an registered purebred Bulldog puppy ranges between $1,500 and $3,500. The reason Bulldog puppies are so expensive is because they usually have to be delivered by cesarean section because their heads are too big for the mother to deliver them naturally.

Caring for them is a lot of work with a huge responsibility. The first couple weeks, the puppies need to be nursed by the mom every two to three hours. In some cases where the puppy is having a hard time nursing, we would then need to bottle feed. The puppies need a minimum of eight weeks of nurturing until they are ready to be sold.

Shots could cost up to $300 to $800 depending on where you go. Both the female and stud need to be registered in order to get papers for the puppies. AKC is most popular site to register and that cost ranges from $200-400.

If you want a dog who is friendly, easy going, that seldom barks, with a demeanor of a child and needs little exercise. An English Bulldog might be right for you.