Tutors, counselors, and students were the ones affected by the unexpected amount of time it took for their paychecks to arrive.                      Photo by Victor Vallardes

by Timothy Rosales

During this semester tutors and counselors were not getting paid for their work. A few waited one day while others waited up to three months. Some tutors have said that the administration had not given them any formal statements pertaining to the problem since it first started.A tutor by the name of Rose has had a problem with having to ask the library staff she receives her assignments from about the situation. “There was no communication and we just had to wait until the situation was handled,” she said. It has been said that due to a member of the staff sending files to the incorrect official, an administrator who has since retired, that all the responsibilities and problems fell upon a staff member at the library named Nadine.

The administration understood there were problems and explained the situation was in the process to getting solved in early November. Vice President of Student Services Luis Dorado and Vice President of Academic Affairs Bobbi Villalobos responded to the issue after Thanksgiving break and said that the issue was taken care of. According to Dorado and Villalobos, ‘the files weren’t in the correct place.’Much of the blame has been put onto the current system as it is still new and more time will be needed to finish it’s debugging.

Tutors were not the only one’s affected however, counselors were also affected. Vice President Dorado and Vice President Villalobos had a meeting to discuss the problem with all counselors earlier. According to Counselor Jassiel Dominguez,  “The whole thing was so confusing since I wasn’t affected.” Jassiel further discussed small bits of what came into his mind with regards to this issue. “We didn’t hear from them after so I would say they brought the counselors affected privately to discuss their payment but from what I know it has been solved.”

Tutors have mostly been satisfied after waiting almost 13 weeks this semester now that their paychecks have been received. Rose and others were finally paid half of all their dues after confirming with Vice President Dorado that the issue had been solved. However, it seems as if not unlike the counselors, not all tutors were very affected by this due to certain circumstances. Greg Salicido, 22, Mechanical Engineering said, “I wasn’t affected so much because I still live at home.”

While this issue has been resolved this should not be a continuous scenario for students as while some are lucky enough to live at home, many have bills to pay and are in need of the funds provided by their paychecks as soon as possible. If the same event occurs, hopefully the administration will be quicker to resolve it and in provide more information to its employees so they can avoid any complications.