Totem pole editorial

By Timothy Rosales


                                   Back in the day the school had a totem pole, murals, and other things that made it have a sense of personality. However, the administration tore down or destroyed the memory of what they left behind. Thanks to the Mecha Club, Guy Goode’s mural was brought back with the help of a few students who returned the school’s mural with style. With old things of that sort disappearing like the old library (which was torn down in late October), the seahawk center, and the old cafeteria. All of these are planned to be out of commission by the start of Spring 2019.

The culture and legacy of the school is slowly demolished every time the school chooses to make changes. Occasionally the school cuts important costs for classes and takes seats and and relaxing spots for students behind making the campus beautiful. They focus on building new and better buildings and leave the legacy and trademarks that made Harbor what is is in comparison to any bland university or college campus. We hope to see more opportunities to have students voice their opinion of what is kept for memories and decisions on what needs to be up to date and not spend unnecessary money on beautification. The cafeteria has been run by Chef Jackson who has been here for over 20 years. The cafeteria is still at work since being made back in the late 60’s from an elementary school. The students have trained there to advance in their career and move forward. The seahawk center has had many events that specialized in; helping students, providing for students, faculty, and a place inside school students can be free to frolic around. The center has been around for what it feels like half a century and has entertained students ever since. The old library had the nicest layout and felt very homey upstairs with a window to read and books to look through.

Why don’t we build our own 50 ft wall to build

Dates all the way from construction

The totem pole that represents native americans (culture and heritage)

The ambiance of harbor was like it or hate it

Harbor is becoming steel and concrete. So what if we were industrial grit we are exchanging for sleek and polished,  but it certainly will not be what Harbor’s memorabilia is all about.


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