Gabby Mendoza Journalism 101

As I walked across the campus to my next class, I noticed the construction and demolition of old buildings on campus. I began to wonder what they would implement next and i began to think what I would want to see added to the Los Angeles Harbor College campus.

One request I would like to see add is that of a garden and more areas to sit like benches and tables. Although maintaining a garden might seem like high maintenance expense, it is one that can be worth it in the long run. Adding a garden is obviously beneficial to the environment but it also adds an attractive element to the LAHC campus. It might also be a place where the science department can benefit from as well. Instead of simply learning about organisms in a classroom, they’ll be able to get a hands on experience and enjoy the benefits of a garden. Plants also attract different types of insects and other animals which will also be beneficial to learn about as well.

Whenever I have a break in between classes or I just simply want to sit, I look around campus and most of the tables and benches are taken. To begin with there is very limited sitting areas other than the cafeteria and the library. Adding more benches and tables would allow students to remain on campus more often. Which could lead to more student participation on school activities and school spirit. It would also [make] for more places for students to study or read


Sabrina Johnson; Staff Writer Journalism 101

Over the years Los Angeles Harbor College has been attempting to rebuild and revamp the campus to make it a modern learning environment for students. LAHC is currently awaiting the grand opening of the new Seahawk Center that is due to open in Spring 2019. LAHC is in process of demolishing the old resource center in the middle of campus which is now blocked off by barriers.

With the new buildings and resource centers reopening there are a few things that students want to see on their school campus. Including more study benches, trash cans, restrooms, water bottle refill stations, and vending machines. All of these would be great additions to our campus by making things more accessible to students.

Personally, I would like to see a new student community garden on our campus. I think a garden would be a fantastic addition because it will bring many students together that may have never crossed paths before. The garden does not have to be a large garden but big enough to get students to plant something and watch their projects grow. I imagine the garden to be a tremendous success with students as well as administration and professors. The garden can be open during school hours for anyone who wants to go in and contribute. Having a garden on campus will really be a great contribution to student life and our surrounding communities.


Bryana Alvarez Journalism 101

Los Angeles Harbor College is and has been making big changes on campus. For the past couple years, the campus has been constructing a better learning environment, with new buildings and a new library. On Thursday Nov 20th the campus began deconstruction on the old library building and there are plans to demolish older buildings. So, the question is, what is the school going to do about the empty lots?

The campus really enjoys the food truck that we have. But that’s just it, there is only one food truck. Imagine a spot where four or five food trucks can line up to offer different varieties of food. Students are sometimes too busy to go off campus and grab a meal. Providing different varieties of food that can accommodate all student life. Maybe there can be a vegan food truck, or a gluten free food truck. The students will have all they need on campus. A nice spot where students can relax and enjoy a meal together will bring a tiny bit of joy.

Along with the food trucks, there can be a better spot where students can enjoy their lunch. The campus has spots with benches and tables where students can sit down do homework or enjoy their meal, but they are very scarce. A proper area filled with lunch benches, would benefit the student, and will leave the other seating area for students who are working on assignments.

Along with a new seating area, there should be proper coverage from weather conditions. An issue with the current seating areas, is a lot of them do not have any kind of roof to block out the sun or any rain. The benches right outside of the NEA building have umbrellas, but they hardly do anything to block out sun rays or keep the benches dry. The benches scattered around the campus have the same problems. It is a place to sit, but there is no type of protection. There are places to sit inside, of course, but when it’s pouring rain you are not going to find a seat inside. An awning of some type would make the seating areas outside more comfortable for the students.

The possibilities for these spots are unceasing, but it needs to reflect on what is best for the students and what students want to see. But will the campus even open it up to the students? There has not been any word on what they plan to do with these spaces once the buildings have been torn down, however let’s hope that whatever they plan to construct there is in the best interest of the students.


Jazrin Ybarra Journalism 101

I’ve gone to Harbor College for 3 years now and I think it’s a fairly nice campus. If I had the opportunity to change some things up I’d be delighted. Let’s consider where this campus is located. It’s right next to the refineries so we’re all breathing in those toxins and fumes from them. I think it would be a great idea to add more trees to help balance and clean the air, and also provide more shade. Wilmington is often pretty hot and sunny even on days when the weather is supposed to be cloudy, so those trees could help a lot and we’d had more cool areas. Some buildings are currently under construction but I think it would be a really good idea to add some color inside of the classrooms. Colors can have a certain effect on students so we can focus on choosing colors that will stimulate and motivate the students to stay focused and have a more positive midset about learning. Hopefully that can help students to stay focused and have a more positive mindset about learning. Hopefully that can help students retain more information and not feel so dreadful about going to school. I think overall opening up the space with more windows and inviting colors could be very appealing. I’m sure there are psychological benefits to making an environment more appealing and colorful, inside and out. The cafeteria could also use these changes. Making it more inviting would probably help the culinary arts program as well. This program along with the school’s choice of vendors, should try and encourage more of a healthy diet to the students. Which could also benefit a student’s nourishment and in turn they’d be more likely to stay focused because their bodies are fed with the nutrients they need to stay focused. Remodeling the campus should not only be more aesthetically pleasing but should focus on turning this space into an area that promotes healthy studying and attention to learning.


Eduardo Velasquez Journalism 101

As campus construction enters its final stages before being complete, many questions pop into my mind regarding the overall student benefit from the campus restoration. Since ground breaking on the North East Academic Hall began on June 19th, 2018, about $370 million has been spent in efforts to improve many students facilities. This includes the LAHC library and learning resource center, the Technology building, and others. The project started with a $449 million budget, which leaves about $77 million left to be spent on the two remaining construction projects.
Is Administration going to pocket this money (joking), or will it be used to further improve our school. According to BuildLACCD, the program that is responsible for the LAHC campus construction, the remaining projects planned are both more than 90% complete. This makes me question if there will be a surplus of funds or whether or not the unspent money will be used for the campus or students.

Personally, I believe our campus lacks outdoor spaces where students can enjoy studying while being surrounded by lush green landscape. This not only will result in an increase of plant life, but might also result in higher overall student moral. A change from the steel and concrete that over saturates our campus would really complete our school’s restoration. Some shade from the sun, a nice place to sit, and a breeze that doesn’t smell of crude oil can be just as enriching as a solar powered classroom. The Student Union is scheduled to open on January 7yh, 2019, and though it may provide more student amenities, there are still ways to efficient spend the money provided [by] California tax payers. I hope to see our school get the beautification it needs, further providing students with the proper environment needed to succeed


Makaila Holifield Journalism 101

Los Angeles Harbor College has been going through demolition the last couple of years. Buildings have been torn down and replaced with modern ones. Is landscaping next? I have noticed a water fountain on the back side of the campus with no flowing water and a grass area in the middle of campus that takes up a lot of space, but isn’t that attractive to look at.

I’ve had a couple ideas that could really bring the campus alive and more amusing to look at. Starting with the dried out water fountain. I would suggest some trees or plant life to surround the fountain to add shade to the area and fixing it so the water can run. The sound of water is calming for the students who are studying or on their way to class.
My next idea would be the large section of grass in the middle of campus. Transforming it into a garden that would enhance the space with a winding walkway and benches/tables for student sitting.

Japanese gardens are very relaxing and a college would be the best place to have one. Bamboo coming up from the ground through the winding pathway would give students privacy and a quite place to work. It can act as a good studying place or even a place to simply relax. The new setup could attract pretty birds and butterflies with the new flowers and plants that would be added in the garden.