By Sabrina Johnson

Los Angeles Community College District wants their students to succeed, and are aware that many students may not have the time to go to their college campus to receive the free tutoring provided. So to make things easier for their dedicated students they have introduced free online tutoring called NetTutor to all nine LACCD schools for all new and returning students. 

According to the newsrealase put out by LACCD news media department, “We’re making this easy and intuitive for students. They go to the student portal, click on the icon and they’re up and running with NetTutor,” said Ryan M. Cornner the District’s Vice Chancellor of Educational Programs and InstitutionalEffectiveness

The free online tutoring service is accessible through Canvas and is available 24 hours 7 days a week. NetTurtor can be accessed from laptops, computers, ipads, and smartphones. Once logged into Canvas LACCD students will click the NetTudor icon that will take them to the online tutoring service where they can receive free tutoring for a selected amount of subjects including English, Math and ESL. Students can also submit papers or essays to be reviewed for mistakes before turning it into their professor.

Also, in the news release posted by LACCD media department, “The best part about NetTutor is that it’s accessible 24/7!! Oftentimes, our students study or do homework late at night, so NetTutor is available on their schedule when they need a little help. Of course, we’ll also continue with in-person tutoring during regular campus hours throughout the year because we want our students to succeed and to have the best higher education experience we can provide.” said LACCD Board of Trustees President Andra Hoffman. 

The online tutoring through Canvas also offers a very helpful online service called First Year Experience (FYE) and College Student Success (CSS). Students will be able to ask tutors for advice about time management, basic technology skills, coping with stress and preparing for exams.  

After speaking to a number of students at Los Angeles Harbor College they all had not yet begun to try out the new service because it is still in the beginning of the semester. Although they haven’t tried it out yet they were all planning on using the online resource to help study for exams and essays further along in the semester. 

For any additional information or questions about the new service please contact any librarian or visit the Learning Resource Center. 


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