Why You Should Take More Trips to the Transfer Center By: Monica Parra

Often students feel as if they are missing out on certain aspects throughout their education in order to properly transfer, feeling as if they are missing out on steps guided towards a smooth transfer process. If you believe you are a student that falls into this category, the Transfer Center is your one-stop-shop to your transfer needs. To quickly get to the university of your choice after your time at Los Angeles Harbor College, stop by the Transfer Center where you will be greeted with enthusiastic staff members and offered great resources to answer any questions and help with any concerns. 

Every year during the first week of the semester, the Transfer Center located in the Student Services Administration building room 105 hosts its annual open house filled with pastries, coffee, and water to entice students to come into the office and ask questions they may have about their educational steps to a successful transfer. During open house you can expect to find several students engaging with staff members chatting and exploring all the that the Transfer Center has to offer. Transfer Director, Sara Rubio was among the crowd of individuals greeting and gathering students to come in and explore. “Our main goal is to invite students to come check out our space to learn about upcoming events, provide a safe space for them so that they feel comfortable coming and asking questions about transfer. So our main goal is to help students transfer to the University of their choice.” explained Rubio. 

There were many people on sight lending helpful tips to the students to ensure their success in their educational endeavors. Their new full-time Transfer Counselor, Natalie Parra explained all of the resources the center has to offer for those students who are still unsure what can be done for them. “We’re fortunate to have Natalie now full-time so we offer more appointments and we offer more workshops. She’s revamped our users on Instagram and social media. We’re trying to make an effort to meet students where they’re at.” is what Rubio had to say about Natalie. After that kind introduction, Natalie then began to mention, “A lot of our students, they love the fact that we have a diverse way of communicating with counselors too. So we have drop-in [appointments] for our students, regular appointments, they can come in to do a workshop, and we also have university reps where they can make appointments to speak with one.” It’s evident that the Transfer Center takes pride in making themselves available to the students in more than one form. They want to be accessible in forms that are convenient and familiar to the students. A unique quality the Transfer Center also makes importantly known is that they also house the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program counselors within their office as well. Students involved in that program have access to their STEM counselors, Vivika Demel and Patsy Morales Gonzalez, as well as general transfer counseling in one single office. Rubio thought of it as an “umbrella” and “one-stop-shop” for students to come and engage with the proper counselor pertaining to their educational route. 

Another convenient aspect they are well-rounded in and constantly encouraging students to have handy is the Grad Guru application for your phone. Grad Guru doesn’t take up data so its convenient to download the application and begins with the simple step of indicating that you’re a LAHC student by inputting your school identification number to begin receiving updates. After completing a checklist of goals on the app, students qualify to receive a free $10 Amazon gift card. The checklist goes in order based on your primary goals such as making an appointment with a counselor, followed by creating an ed-plan, signing up for classes, knowing when to withdraw from classes, deadlines for signing up for financial aid, cal grants, etc. Once it’s all completed, the gift card will be granted to you. “Win-win for students” is what Rubio had to say about the Grad Guru app to receive text notification updates on deadlines. Current campus events also mentioned on app with text notification updates, so they highly encourage students to have this app so that they won’t have to make a stressful effort to know if they are on track or not.

Workshops are highly recommended for LAHC students to attend so that they may properly be informed about the main steps to transferring. The workshops offered include Transfer 101, California State University (CSU) Associate degree for transfer,  University of California Transfer Admission Guarantee (UC TAG) Program applications, as well as workshops given by real university representatives for full university information. Field trips are also frequently offered to certain universities, this year they will be taking tours to University California of Riverside, California State University of Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Loyola Marymount University, University California of Los Angeles, and California State University of Fullerton. There is a $5 deposit upon signing up that will be returned to you the day of the field trip. If you are in the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services you are not required to submit a $5 deposit.

With speculation that the transfer center will be relocating offices, it is confirmed that they will remain in the SSA building without any doubt of moving. Make your way over to the transfer center today to look around, ask around, pick up a flyer, sign up for workshops, get help with applications, etc. Go in and prepare for your future.

Staff and students engage inside the Transfer Center during open house on August 28, 2019.


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