Zoom update required

Jose Quevedo Reporter Since the Los Angeles Community College announced that most classes would be moved to online learning. Students have been using the app Zoom which allows video call meetings to keep some sort of a traditional learning environment. Most classes have been meeting  through Zoom. Zoom announced that after May 30, Zoom Update... Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: Personal quarantine commentary

Jose Quevedo Sports Editor Photo via Flickr user: musicalwds Remember after a long shift at work, you couldn’t wait to go home and kick back and relax. With the majority of people being stuck in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people now can’t wait to go outside. Protest around the United States calling for... Continue Reading →

Deadline to drop classes approaches

Jose Quevedo Reporter The last day for Los Angeles Harbor College students to withdraw from classes is approaching fast. The deadline is Sunday, May 10.  Students will automatically have their withdrawal (W) converted to an excusable withdrawal (EW). This is due to all classes moving to remote learning environments due to the coronavirus pandemic. The... Continue Reading →

LACCD to hold a Virtual Recognition Ceremony

Jose Quevedo Reporter Since COVID-19 shutdown in-person classes and any form of large gatherings. Los Angeles Community College District officials confirmed early on that a commencement of some sort would still take place. The district now confirmed a Virtual Recognition Ceremony will be held.  The virtual ceremony will replace the traditional ceremony for all nine... Continue Reading →

Campus Comment: Corona Virus Concerns

By: Kimberly Resendiz Reporter & Photographer As the end of the fifth week of the Spring Semester approached, the news of the coronavirus arose impacting the Los Angeles Harbor College faculty and students. On March 11, 2020 students were informed, through an email, that classes will be switched from in-person classes to online classes. A... Continue Reading →

CCCAA postpones spring sports indefinitely due to COVID-19

Jose Quevedo Reporter The California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) Board of Directors voted Thursday to postpone all spring sports, practices and nontraditional seasons indefinitely over coronavirus concerns. Additionally, the CCCAA also chose to cancel the women’s and men’s basketball state championships after originally agreeing to hold them in empty gyms. Also canceled, was the... Continue Reading →

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