Suspect arrested on suspicion of three felonies at NEA Hall

Man trespasses on campus


Beginning of the end for Club Rush?

The very anticipated Club Rush Los Angeles Harbor College hosts every new semester turned out to be a misstep in the eyes of the general student public one such as Jeremiah Gates as “a disaster”. Transfer Con, an event hosted to help students know where they would want to transfer to, coincided with Club Rush which in the grand scheme of things had good student participation but kinda hurt Club Rush as whole when the student appeal drove students to pick between the two events with all the little time between courses. Including questionable attendance, some clubs failed to make an appearance. The day of the event, tables and booths were set up for Transfer Con on the right side of the Music building and Student Union building. Staff and workers had it up and ready around 9 a.m. along with Club Rush which was right across from Transfer Con near Fine Arts. A.S.O.

Food Variety Around Campus

By: John Jay Robianes The whole campus at Los Angeles Harbor College carries a variety of food that satisfies students hunger from a long class period. Students as well as Harbor Prep  love the variety of food there is and continue to come back for the low prices. The dining area is almost always full... Continue Reading →

Elected President and Vice President

By: John Jay Robianes Harbor College have just elected the president and VP this year at 3:15 p.m. on May 2nd. Jessica Mccarns, 31, biopsychology has just won the election for president and Deena Ayesh, 18, chemistry had won her VP . Jessica Mccarns gladly says, “I am glad that I didn't give up on... Continue Reading →


By: Isaias Morales Anti-vaxxers are growing to be more and more, and that is not a good thing. An anti-vaxxer is a colloquial name for individuals who are a part of an alarmingly growing part of the population that believes that vaccines are to blame for a wide variety of health problems. The most touted... Continue Reading →

Student Protests Fizzle

David Bellhouse Protests were supposed to be held by students during the Los Angeles Community College Board Meeting on May 8th, but didn’t come to fruition. The meeting actually saw more protest from faculty from the math department regarding cut classes than students. One faculty member was quoted about the affects he foresaw if these... Continue Reading →

Ribbon Cutting Event

By: David Bellhouse The administration held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Seahawk Center on Wednesday May 8th. Everyone was talkative as Los Angeles Harbor College’s music department played some smooth jazz until the event started. Though this event went off with no interruptions, cancelled student protests shows a different side to the school... Continue Reading →


By: Brianna Carr The Students and Veterans Los Angeles Harbor College made their voices heard at the “Meet with the Chancellor”event that took place on May 10th with LACCD Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez . Originally the old library,housed the  veterans center, however that was torn down a few months ago. Colloquially called  “The Bunker,” it... Continue Reading →

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