Goodbye Japan

Jasmyne Mendoza Shigeko Bennett was born in Shiga-Ken in 1929 she is now 91 years old, she came to America almost 80 years ago seeking financial stability and safety. Shigeko was very poor in Japan and there were also rumors of a war starting with the Americans. “I made a decision to pack up only... Continue Reading →

Living in Korea With COVID-19

Julia Falcon Reporter My cousin Laurie Cisneros a former Los Angeles Harbor college student had accepted a teaching job in Daejeon, South Korea and shortly after there was the outbreak of the virus COVID-19. According to Korea’s Center for disease control, Daejeon has 39 infected patients, as of April 4, 2020, around 10,000 are infected... Continue Reading →

ASO Presents: “Hiccups Fundraiser”

By Joseph Vargas ASO will be hosting a HICCUPS fundraiser, on Thursday, March 26th, 2020, from 5pm to 10pm. Located at 552 E. Carson St. #103, Carson, CA 90745. Come out and support ASO to raise funds when you purchase food or drink and show the attached flyer.

Harbor inducts some Familiar Faces into Athletics Hall of Fame

 The guest list contained quite a few visitors one being Mickey Teora, a Hall of Famer who was noted “the first touchdown in Harbor’s history.” The newest inductee, David Elecciri, had some words to express when he said, “It takes a group effort as we are first effective for how we feel given on our actions for what we know.” He played in 76-77 and helped coach Michael Wilson to get the 49ers 4 wins at the superbowl. Along with many of the newest inductees it was unfortunate to announce that one inductee, Sam Martin, had passed on before his induction year...

Campus being surveillanced; Will it change anything? 

Harbor has signed a new Sheriff Deputy, Larry Loughlin, this semester to replace Guskos and has led to having a more active authorities out and about. While it showed improvement, Harbor had cameras that weren’t functional like students would imagine. Equipment was old and dated, vision for some were blocked by construction which led to perpetrators taking advantage of blind-spots and more shocking details. The district take safety issues seriously and make sure all campuses must supply measures and funding to their schools which as harbor starting to take more serious measures which started a couple of months ago...

LAHC top cop gave oath to die for badge

By: Monica Parra   During an Active Shooter Workshop, Deputy Sheriff Lawrence “Larry” Loughlin made it clear to Los Angeles Harbor College that he wakes up every morning prepared to die for the badge under oath that he swore at 18 years old when he first entered the law enforcement.  With a growing passion to... Continue Reading →

Ribbon Cutting Event

By: David Bellhouse The administration held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Seahawk Center on Wednesday May 8th. Everyone was talkative as Los Angeles Harbor College’s music department played some smooth jazz until the event started. Though this event went off with no interruptions, cancelled student protests shows a different side to the school... Continue Reading →

ASO Debate Goes Terribly Wrong

By: David Bellhouse The Student Government at Los Angeles Harbor College hosted a debate to determine the next student president on April 16th just outside the NEA building. The debate was hosted during class time, so the crowd was really small besides ASO members already involved. No more than 15 people were in the crowd.... Continue Reading →

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